Parent Advisory

November 6, 2017

PAC Minutes

Meeting opened at 3:35 pm.  Those attending; Angie, Katie, Allison, Mrs. Brown.

Minutes were accepted.

Homework help night re-cap:  Only 7-10 parents came, but those that did were appreciative of the advice and help they received from the teachers - so they in turn can help their children better at home.

Teacher Appreciation:  Soups were delicious and very appreciated by the teachers. Parents brought fruit, vegies and desserts to round out the meal. Fridaymorning treats were wonderful (a special thank you to Jackie!).

Treat Street:  very well attended!  All who came had a good time and left with lots of goodies. 204 people went through the maze (which was a big hit - maybe make taller next year, and use a different material to wrap it in), and 261 went through the haunted house. Made $710 to go towards next years event. Angie will look into getting a few more games for the older kids.

Frozen Food: will be delivered at 1:00pm Tuesday the 14th.  School messenger sent out to remind pick-up after school. Total $4,105 (not sure of our take yet).

Spelling Bee fee paid

Missoula Children's Theater:  Jan. 1/21 - 1/27.  Need one or two homes for the theater leaders, must have own bedrooms and personal bathroom.  Ask; Cynthia Clonch, Dale Petersen, Mary Farnsworth, Rosalee Brimmer.  Brock agreed to be accompanist again this year. Need to get a parent sign up sheet for each evening and especially play days.  Find out who provided the snack sacks last year and if they will do it again.

Teresa let us know that the swings will be set in the ground over the next few weeks.  Unfortunately two more bars were bent, so not all of them will be put up -  will cost around $1,000 a piece to fix, so will work on getting replacements next year.  Cannot use the spongy material because it will not drain properly, so decided to use bark with some kind of "curb" to keep it in; Niemens will do the bark (and replace it in 5 years, for mold prevention).

Meeting adjourned at 4:25 pm.

Next meeting; December 4th, 2017

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary



PAC Meeting

October 2, 2017

3:30 pm

In attendance; Mrs. Brown, Angie, Katie, Allison, Char, and Gaba Smith.  Minutes from last month were gone over and approved.

Mrs. Brown asked to talk about the Advance Ed visit on the 3rd - she also asked if we as parents would be willing to come to school to take a short survey with the representatives.

Homework Help night for parents:  Will need to happen in October if we want Mrs. Albertson to teach.  Discussed having a lower grade teacher also help and Mrs. Brown said she would ask Mrs. Davis. She would also get a list together of the sites the school uses that parents can use at home as a help for parents.  Decided to have it on Tuesday, October 17th from 6-7pm.  Will provide some older teenagers as babysitters if necessary (Angie will ask Darcy Sams if FCCLA kids will help).

Teacher Appreciation:  October 26th meal, soups/27th breakfast treats.  Mrs. Brown - beef stew, Angie - corn chowder and ham/bean, Allison - chicken soup, Char - cheesy potato, Gaba - chili, Katie - bread, Phoebe - bread, school - drinks.  Allison will call parents to bring sides, desserts, and breakfast treats.

T-shirts:  sold 113 pieces for $1600, cost was $1115 - made a profit this year of around $400.

Frozen food:  Packets were sent home with the students, selling to begin the 3rd through the 19th.  Food will be here Nov. 19th - will need helpers to sort food and put together orders.  Need to put out a notice it MUST be picked up that day, cannot keep it at the school.  

Halloween Festival:  Saturday, October 28th 5-7:30 pm (shortened the time so the gym can be used for a dance at 8:00 pm).  Subway donated 3 dozen cookies that Angie will package for the cake walk. Angie will be going to Sams club to get the candy, she also went to the City and was approved to use the community gym at no cost.  Students can show up at the gym that week after school to help set up.  Angie has talked to all the teachers for helpers of the games (reminder that Angie will bring chili, Katie drinks, and Allison dessert for them that night).  Allison will call parents for desserts for the cake walk.

Spelling Bee:  money was transferred to the credit card to pay the entrance fee.

Meeting adjourned at 4:56 pm.

Next meeting - November 6th, 3:30 pm

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary


PAC Meeting

Sept. 18, 2017

3:30 pm

In attendance; Mrs. Brown, Angie, Katie, Stevie and Allison. Last month minutes were gone over and approved. 

Literacy Night recap:  Around 150 students and family members joined us to listen and meet "Hank the Cowdog" author John Erickson.  Night went very well, every one had a good time.  Need to use a different sound system for the book walk next time.  Mary Farnsworth had several parent surveys filled out, and the two top concerns or desire for help is with computer skills and homework skills (especially math). Discussed having a teaching class for parents plus a math night.

Halloween Festival: October 28th.  Angie has  contacted FCCLA, NHS, FFA and Student Councils for help with games and spook house, she will also go to the City council meeting to ask for use of the Community Building on that night.  She is looking into having a maze this year.  Supper will be available for helpers: Angie- chilli, Katie- drink, Allison- dessert.  Allison call parents for desserts for cake walk. 

Spelling Bee:  Cost has gone up this year, approved to send in the $151 for registration before Oct. 16th. Teresa will make sure the money is transfered from our account to the school credit card to pay on-line.  Allison will ask Gina Dewey if she might be interested in the Britannica Online for her social studies class.

Swings:  The metal for the new legs is in ($175 - Teresa put in a p.o. for this out of our account), needs to be fabricated.  Teresa designated and measured the area in the grass field for the soft-fall material and concrete.  We are hoping there is enough soft-fall material left from Sundance that we do not have to purchase much, if any.  Teresa will talk to contractors about donating time to put in the concrete. 


     T-Shirts:  Parent orders are in and Katie will put the whole order together to send to the company

     Frozen Food:  Sell during Oct. 3-19th, orders will be here on Nov. 14th - will need help to sort and hand out that day.             School reach needs to go out to remind parents to pick them up, cannot store them at the school.

Meeting adjourned around 4:30 pm

Next meeting - Oct. 2nd, 3:30 pm

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary


Start : 3:35pm

Attendance : Char, Phoebe, Angie, Katie

No mins from last meeting present

Literacy Night : Sept 5th 6-7 pm Books such as Charlie the ranch dog, Sheep in a jeep, ect. Cowboy/girl Theme. Katie will speak with Pastor Monty and Voy to see about a roping dummy, helping with station(s), and a wagon for photo op out front of school. 

*** Katie has spoken Pastor Monty and he has agreed to bring the roping dummy, wagon and help with station. 

Halloween Festival: Pirate Ship Theme  Ask Chamber to volunteer and help with candy supply. Have a new station a maze charge $1 (?) Check with Home Depot, Menards, Knect, ect for donations. Check into Balls pit balls for dunk tank.

T-shirts : 24 Sweatshirts need to be sold to get that price. 

Frozen food: a go 

Swings: No update

Next Meeting Sept. 11th 3:30

End Meeting aprox : 4:25


Parent Advisory Meeting

June 14, 2017

Meeting opened at 1:00 pm with Angie, Katie, Allison, Principal Brown, Char, and Phoebe. Angie gave the amounts in our accounts: School Account - $4,795.60, Pinnacle Account - $366.81, Playground Account - $830.73.

The group was happy to have join us Teresa Brown, the new MK-8 Principal.

We went over previous minutes and it was approved as is. Past events: Laser Tag - cost $500, all went well and the kids/adults really enjoyed it! Could use more adult supervision if done again, ask parents to help. The owner, Sterling, would like to have a lunch break next time; we agreed to compensate him $50 for not getting one.

Science Fair - Mrs. Cote Kindergarten class won the Einstein Award, 6th grade Pepsi Volcano won student choice, and 3rd grade Huff & Puff Houses won parent choice.

Literacy Night - since we had to change the night last minute to May 8th due to weather, only had 13 students. Jenna Thomas read to younger students, Emily Ver Burg read to older students plus watched part of the same story on video, had a coloring station and picture taking area. Will keep all decorations for future use.

Future planning: Teresa agreed it would be nice to have more teacher involvement/input in PAC, she said she would help in this area. Teresa will also check on the swing set situation so we can get parts and hopefully put it up this year. Spelling Bee info will be coming soon; we liked the new trophies, Sundance has someone who can engrave names on them. Agreed to not continue putting on a Holiday Bazaar.

Game Night - need to purchase more games for older students.

Literacy Night - Possibly hook up with Author (Hank the Cowdog) Reads night in September, ask FFA to help. Missoula Children's Theater - Jan 22-27, 2018; $500 down payment has been paid. Look into Arts Council for future grants.

Craft Night - ask teachers to show/teach and help make crafts for students to give as Christmas gifts, do in November. Fundraising: Frozen Food - Liberty Fundraising October 3-19, delivered Nov. 13th. T-Shirts - went with design by Spirit Wear, black with ghosted wolf/green eyes.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 pm.

Next meeting August 14th at 3:30 pm in teacher lounge

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary